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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 31, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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the bay area. tonight: a group of russian diplomat and their chef -- have lessn two days to pack up.. and me out. good evening, i'm allen mar. i'm veronica de la cruz. ked liz have the night off. it's all part of president obama's payback for hackingn the run-up to the november elections. andria borba is live outside russian consulate in san francisco. andria.. any movt out there? more than 24 hours have
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- - they will be headed
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to los angeles by car and then will fly to moscow. the expulsions were called bizarre and ridiculous, giving only one day to get financial affairs in order. the facebook post was accompanied by this picture of a table overflowing with russian delicate - - delicacies. and the final note, remain human. and they will be joined by seven family members. kpix five. >> and underway, russian
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convoys have been leaving new york. vladimir putin was expected to retaliate. he held off and it drew swift praise from trump. great move by fell at fellow amir put in, he is very smart. that is what he tweeted. and hackers hit the burlington electric department, they did - - detected russian malware and fought the breach. russia has denied any involvement. barricades are going up, and in 24 hours it will be packed with people ringing in the new year. and we have more on what the partygoers can expect and what police plan to do in order to keep people safe. >> people be - - will be
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waiting to kick off 2017 with a big lights show. >> it is going to be fast-paced with a lot of action and a lot of noise. >> these barges will hold the new year's - - new year's eve fireworks show. they put the finishing touches on the show that will light up the sky. jeff thomas has been producing this show for several years and he says the fireworks will be shot in a designated location on the bay. >> the marine unit will be out on the water, they will be here to make sure that folks say - - stay a safe distance away. >> they had to stop the show in the past because of spectators. >> we had to move our position or stop shooting because people were too close. >> the city is putting up barricades in popular spots and gearing up for the big crowds with increased patrols.
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>> we are going to be getting updates on the hour, every hour. >> new year's eve means increase calls for service and crime. >> we are increasing our staffing to facilitate help for those people should they need it, and we want to make sure it is always safe and fun. >> there will be dui checkpoints and they are encouraging people to use public transportation or ridesharing services and if you are driving, please have a designated driver. >> police are not the only ones with their hands full. uber expects to provide 15 million rides. and there has been significant surge pricing for rights as well. and there will be no cost services starting at 8:00 tomorrow night and some of them will run through 5:00 in the
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morning. some writers will still have to pay and the service is being extended through 3:00 in the morning. and if you are heading out, bundle up. >> pretty cold this weekend, a couple degrees warmer than we were last night, santa rosa down to 37 37 degrees and tomorrow night it will change as the clocks turn and strike midnight, plenty of cold weather ahead. so cold that there is potential next week to see cold snow down to the 2500-foot level. and we will bring you the forecast moments from now. for many, the cold can be dangerous. that he shows us how shelters are scrambling to add beds as the other cold moves in. >> santa clara county has their largest shelter at max capacity
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and it will be maxed out next week because temperatures are going to be dropping. >> they are laying out blankets at the ricardo reception center in san jose. >> we need blankets. >> he knows what it is like to be cold and to sleep on the street. and santa clara county is adding beds at shelters and this one will increase their capacity. >> we are crowded, we are stretched. and it is very difficult, we need additional donations, and food. >> the nonprofit service county shelters as they welcome blankets, towels and socks. and they will have pop up cold weather shelters on monday. the cold spell is happening at a time in which more homeless people are dying every year and
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the reason for the trend is unclear. >> i do not know that we need to make sense of it. this is senseless. the longer someone is homeless, the more likely they are to die of complications. >> it is already a colder start to winter, and it has taken more homeless people sooner. firefighters are looking for the cause of a - - of a car fire that ripped through a garage. it started on scott street. one man died of smoke - - one man suffered smoke inhalation but is okay. mysterious carbon monoxide leaks sent men to the hospital. their conditions have not and released. several other people were also exposed but did not require medical attention. it is unclear where that carbon
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monoxide came from. a list of suspects expanding after a rotten egg smell has been wafting across the bay and people have been complaining it - - about this for several days. and the have been trying to trace it down with sources including the richmond composting, sewage treatment centers and ships on the bay. three firefighters were hurt. one of them seriously. flames rushed through storefronts and firefighters sprayed water from above. the commercial strip had burned including a law office and kosher food store. no word on where that fire started. steph curry has raised money for victims of the oakland ghost ship fire. the customized kicks were auctioned off today and the pair on the right say oakland
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strong, they went for $17,000. on the left, ghost ship that sold for $9000. now they have contributed $100,000 to the fire relief fund. said news out of the capital tonight, governor jerry brown made an announcement today, telling it a sad parting, at 13 years old, sutter was a familiar face, the corgis health had been feeling after emergency surgery in october. and army using their heads to send a message to the president elect. and a wild ride. after getting stuck more than 100 feet in the air.
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more hair-raising ride thany expected.. when the "sky cabin" got stk 125 feet in the air! firefighters didn't have a ladder long enough to reach 21 people trapped inside. so they had to rappel down with them -- one at a time. it tk nearly five hours to get th all down. no one was hurt. firefighters did not have long enough to reach the 21 people trapped inside, so they had to go down with them one at a a time and it took nearly five hours to get everybody down, fortunately no one was hurt. a young couple missing tonight, there were toward - -
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a report on the desperate search for answers. >> they set up - - set out on the coast. the couple left last friday. they were supposed to come home on christmas but they didn't and now, no one can reach them. >> several days had passed. when my sister was not home, i i knew that something was not right. >> reporter: vanessa passed out flyers and searched for her sister, they used a credit card in this store, one of the only clues in the disappearance. > > i am going to break down if i go home and don't find her. >> she described the relationship as rocky. the family set out on a search. and her mother spoke to us via facetime. >> she did not show up.
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i noticed the phone cut off. >> nothing seemed out of the ordinary beyond that. >> my son seemed normal. he is responsible. when he is away, he always call me if he is going to stay longer. they have only been together for the last four months. >> brian fernandez is 21 years old. they were driving a tan four- door honda civic. a woman was shot in the face this morning and she answered her door. and the team suspected of pulling the trigger is still on the run. it happened on hunters point. it is unclear what motivated the shooting and if that woman was the intended target. we were told that woman will survive. police are also trying to
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track down burglars who were caught on camera stealing a safe, computers, and cash on townsend street. call police if you recognize them. bay area stores are having a hard time keeping pink yarn on the shelves as knitters work to create a special message for the president elect. >> it is a simple hat. and has years. and it is made of yarn. >> it is comfortable and it is delightful. >> it has a powerful message. many women are empowering the word that is used in a - - derogatory way. >> grab them by the since mac - - cenmac - - they got ready for the march, the day after the
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inauguration. women across the country are needing a special hat to send to washington so everyone will have one. >> i am excited to see the notion it will make when they are altogether. >> she is teaching her friends and she plans to make 30 with them. and the owners are running out of pink yard to sell. >> it is a rectangle. with the addition of the curve of your head it makes the years pop out. >> they also put the words nasty on it. >> we are demanding our rights and we are standing up for ourselves. we are not going away quietly. >> the owners will be hosting a free workshop next sunday on the eighth to teach you how to knit this hat. they say it takes about three or four hours to make one. and it is not very hard. >> we want to explain why we
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censored the word. the women who were interviewed are not using it in a derogatory manner but because some find it derogatory, we decided not to broadcast the word. new - - restrictions on off leash areas will go into effect next month. environmentalists and dog enthusiasts have been at odds for 15 years now. >> we are locals here. one of the great things about living here is having the beach and bringing your dog here. >> the representatives are asking for an extension to allow more time to review this pratt - - this plan. a homeowner noticed this in the backyard, and behind her, five kittens, the cats went around the yard as they snapped
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photos. and a raccoon found itself in trouble tonight, getting stuck in a drainpipe in watsonville. animal control, permission to dig through the asphalt. when they reached the raccoon, well, he had different ideas and he refused to budge. they tried to go at it from a different angle. >> it looks cold out there. that raccoon looks to be settled in for the night. we have a cold one on top. numbers around 5 degrees in santa rosa but this looks nice with san francisco at 60 degrees. and it will be chilly tonight but getting even colder through the weekend with low temperatures on the way for the bay area and they will each introduce their own chance of showers and cold weather and snow with the peaks.
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and most of the rain will stand - - and you can see it is cloudy as we approach the witching hour. and it looks like we should clear out, we do have some patches of low clouds over the bay, not as cold and there will be clouds knighted with a chance of sprinkles early tomorrow morning, and tomorrow night looks okay, another chance of showers coming in on monday and on tuesday and it will be cold. 49ers play the seahawks over the weekend. mostly sunny at 1:25 but chilly, gametime at 52 degrees. santa rosa is down to 37, seam for napa and livermore at 40 degrees. and nobody is below freezing. and the high in santa rosa will be 58 degrees and was the sunny skies, 5454 in san francisco, 55 in san jose, livermore with sunshine at 51 degrees, a
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chance of showers tomorrow morning, and tomorrow night, by midnight, we should have mostly clear skies, low clouds, and assuring in 20 seventeen, the year of the total solar eclipse, over the continental united states, yes, it is coming. i cannot believe it is here. and a chance of showers coming into the bay area early tomorrow. and sunday, mostly sunny skies, monday and tuesday, showers coming in, wednesday, thursday, friday, it will look like that, nice and clear. look like that, nice and clear. a really nice night. we are looking forward to it. happy new year. hopefully there is good news in the sports report tonight as well. >> we will give you some good news. and a win over 18th ranked arizona, just down the road, the old teammates in town as the warriors try to bring the
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year to an end with victory. and stay tuned for the late,,,,,
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a win... over a team with t worst we are looking forward to the fireworks. of the warriors were looking for fireworks tonight. sometimes they lit up in the fourth quarter.
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and you have to see that killer instinct. it should be easy to bring it to an end over the team with the worst record but the mavericks have a familiar rivalry in steph curry, and the go through the third quarter, up 15, he lays it in and has his first triple-double tonight as a worrier. and thompson comes off the screen. in the zone again, 17 points in the third, warriors look to put the game away. 29 points, warriors win the game 28-109. and college hoops. 3:00 to go, there is down by four points. simmons ditches to raleigh who gets the bucket. and in stanford, hosting
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arizona state on the farm. he drives it and throws down a monster jam, career-high 30 points. not christian mccaffrey but,
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but no problem for the card as another player steps up his absence. head coach david shaw and carolina sanford with the biggest weapon to prepare for the nfl
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but no problem for the cardinals as another player steps up and david shot and stanford faced north carolina with less than a to go in the game and stanford clinging to the lead. the quarterback expects to clear for the draft and this is why, he scrambles and breaks the tackle and then finds howard for the tackle. a to point conversion. he drops back. and he is stopped right away. stanford survives, 25-23. and the sharks host the flyers. first. guy no score, shooting from way downtown, patrick marlowe is therefore the rebound and he finds the back of the net and they win the game 2-0, and back into college football, battling florida state, this was a good one, final minute of
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the game, michigan up by three. connecting for the game-winning score, florida state is the winner of the nailbiter 30 3- 32, and they could not win that game, and the lead - - league announced today that they would not revisit the suspension until march the 15th. and smith was suspended for violating policy. the nfl is clearly not ready to reinstate smith, something that did not go well for that head coach, jack del rio. >> he has done his duty to take care of the things that he needs to take care of and i i have seen the guys who need to come back. and there is always a question, i don't really agree with what has gone down but it is not my job, we will move on as a team. that is what we must do.
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i am somewhat disappointed. >> they will have to go into denver this sunday and win the game and get the first round by. >> we seem to be getting over it. >> he was with his daughter and it was her first time in a warriors game. yes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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very happy new year. goodni be safe this new year's.
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stephen colbert is next. thank you for joining us. have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,,
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